Why Us

Why St. Andrews World School Best School In Siddharth Vihar Ghaziabad


St. Andrews World School sets up and promises the finest education to the students within an ideal and secure environment. I am very delighted that you are considering St. Andrews World School for your child. We believe in learning beyond boundaries for which regular field trips, Excursions, Visits, and Heritage walks are arranged. Sports training and physical education are an integral part of our school curriculum.

Orientation programmes, workshops, and interactive sessions hold an important place in imparting knowledge. Within the boundaries of St. Andrews World School, we make sure that our students open up a whole world of opportunities and fulfill their potentials. Also, we are thankful to all the teachers and parents for their support. The support has been the biggest motivator for us.

Experienced and Qualified Facilitators :
The facilitators are well trained, qualified, and experienced. Continuous Professional Development Programmes for facilitators are an integral part of innovation in teaching and learning dynamics in the institution.
Effective Parental Engagement Programme :

  1. Frequent Parent Teacher Meeting (PTMs)
  2. Regular workshops for parents
  3. Engaging parents in their children’s learning through interactive activity sessions